Technical Program

Sessions are

  • Forward modeling
  • Inversion and resolution analysis
  • New methodologies
  • Applications (e.g. marine applications, mineral exploration, environmental studies)

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Technical Program time table

For detailed information (oral / poster, presentation ID number, title and authors), please check the Program (PDF).

Instruction for presentation

Oral presentations*Updated ! Apr 15, 2013

Oral presentations will be strictly 15 minutes in total and we have additional 5 minutes for questions and changeover.
One projector will be available.
The speakers are asked to bring their own PCs, but LOC will also prepare a PC. LOC will collect the ppt or PDF files on the LOC's PC before each session starts, unless the authors need special software in their presentations.

Poster presentations

A poster board is 90cm wide and 180cm tall. A portrait A0 size poster will fit. The posters boards will be available from 16:00 on May 6 and we ask the authors to put all the posters before the poster session starts on May 7. All the posters will be up throughout the meeting, before the discussion session on the last day.
  • Session 1: 14:00-17:00, May 7th,
  • Session 2+3: 14:00-18:00, May 8th,
  • Session 4: 13:45-16:15, May 9th,

Discussion session

Conveners will make a session summary and stimulate discussions on some focused topics.
  • Discussions for session 1: 17:00-17:30, May 7th
  • Discussions for session 2 : 17:00-17:30, May 8th
  • Discussions for session 3+4 : 16:15-16:45, May 9th

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