The 11th Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan International Symposium

Technical Program
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Technical program is Here! (revised 5th-Nov)

Session time table is Here! (revised 5th-Nov)

Presentation list (tentative) is Here!

Schedule (tentative)
Monday, 18th November 2013.
09:30- Registration
10:00-17:00 Technical Session
17:00-19:00 Poster core session

Tuesday, 19th
09:00-18:30 Technical Session, Congratulatory Address
18:30-20:30 Reception

Wednesday, 20th
09:00-18:00 Technical Session
17:00-17:15 Closing Remarks

Thursday, 21st
09:00-17:00 One-day Technical Tour

Instruction for Authours


The official language of the Symposium is English.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations should be 12 minutes in length with 3 additional minutes allotted to each presenter for questions. A set of PC and LCD projector is available for presentation. Specifications of our PC are as follows:
– Windows 7 (English ver.)
– MS-Office 2010 Standard
The staff helps you to copy your Power Point file to the provided PC before your session starts. CD-ROMs and USB thumb drives are available. A PC with the same functions is prepared in the presentation preparation room. Checking your file preceding your presentation is strongly recommended. In case you use your own PC, an auxiliary cable and a display switch is provided. Be sure to connect your PC before your presentation time starts.

Poster Presentations

The poster panel of 90 cm in width and 200 cm in height are arranged in the poster presentation room. Put your posters on the panel under your presentation ID label on Monday morning or at least before the poster core time. Materials needed to put the posters onto the boards are available in the room. The posters should be displayed during the symposium, from Monday to Wednesday and should be removed by 16:00, Wednesday 20th. The poster presentation core time is scheduled at 17:00-19:00 on Monday, 18th All the presenters are required to stay in front of their posters during the core time.

Topics & Conveners

Regular Sessions

* Sensors and Acquisition Technologies (H. Shima [OYO])
* Seismic/Geodetic Imaging Technologies (K. Shiraishi [JGI], M.Takanashi [JOGMEC])
* DC/EM Imaging Technologies (K. Suzuki [CRIEPI], H. Mizunaga [Kyushu Univ.])
* GPR Imaging Technologies (K. Takahashi [Tohoku Univ.])
* Gravity and Magnetics (S. Sakanaka [Akita Univ.])
* Reservoir Characterization (K. Kashihara [JAPEX], T. Endo [Schlumberger], T. Tsuru [JOGMEC])
* Environmental and Engineering Applications (T. Takahashi [Fukada Geological Institute], H. Saito [OYO], H. Nakazato [NARO])
* Disaster Mitigation Applications (H. Suzuki [OYO])
* Mining Geophysics (A. Chiba [Sumiko Resources Exploration & Development])
* Time-lapse/Monitoring (T. Nakayama [JAPEX])
* Imaging/Interpretation Case Studies (N. Hirabayashi [Schlumberger], H. Yamamoto [Schlumberger])

Organized Sessions (Proposed sessions)

* Marine Geophysics (T. Goto [Kyoto Univ.] and H. Ichihara [JAMSTEC]))
* Rock Physics (K. Akama [JAPEX] and A. Kato [JOGMEC])
* Geophysics in Earthquake Studies (T. Kimura [JAMSTEC], R. Hino [Tohoku Univ.], Y. Iio [Kyoto Univ.], H. Mikada [Kyoto Univ.], H. Takenaka [Okayama Univ.], H. Yamanaka [Tokyo Institute of Technology], and N. Yamada[Fukuoka Univ. of Education])
* Exploration Geophysics for Nuclear Power Station (H. Sato [CRIEPI], Y. Mamada [JNES], and H. Yamanaka [Tokyo Institute of Technology])

Call for Session Proposal (Closed)

Deadline: proposals must be received by 20 28 February 2013.

The Program Committee invites proposals for organized sessions that focus on special topics related to the exploration geophysics.

Please send proposals via e-mail to the Program Committee ( A proposal for an organized session should include following information.
1) The session title
2) A short description of the session (200-300 words)
3) The expected number of papers (list of authors if possible)
4) The session organizer(s) (name, affiliation, contact information)

At least one of the conveners must be a member of SEGJ to submit a session proposal to the 11th SEGJ International Symposium.
The Program Committee will review the submitted proposals. Due to limitation of session slots, please understand that not all proposals will be accepted. Conveners will receive an e-mail regarding the acceptance of their proposal in early March.

Conveners of accepted organized sessions will be responsible for the promotion of the session, the proposition of reviewers for submitted papers, and the moderation of the session during the symposium. Procedure, regulations and important dates for papers of organized sessions are the same as those of regular sessions.