The 11th Society of Exploration Geophysicists of Japan International Symposium

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We have finished registration of reception. Thank you very much.
We have finished VISA Assistance for the Symposium.

Registration Fee
Early-registration (Until 15 October 27 October, 2013)

 Member*:  38,000 JPY
 Non-member:  50,000 JPY
 Student member*:  16,000 JPY
 Student non-member:  20,000 JPY
 Member*:  45,000 JPY
 Non-member:  57,000 JPY
 Student member*:  20,000 JPY
 Student non-member:  24,000 JPY
*Member of SEGJ / AOGS / ASEG / EEGS / EAGE / HAGI / KSEG / SEG / SPG / VAG or supporting societies in Japan (see supporting societies in "About us").
The registration fee includes one proceedings USB (on-site pickup only). The following fees, however, are not included: the admission to the welcome reception, and the participation to the one-day technical excursion.


Written notification to SEGJ is needed to cancel the registration, by e-mail to the comittee : segj11regist[at] (replace "[at]" with @).
Reimbursement will be sent through the credit card companies.
The registration fee will be refunded after the deduction of the cancellation fee if the written notification is received by SEGJ.
Before October 18, 2013 (JST): Full refund after the deduction for the commission charge of 4000JPY.
October 18 to November 1, 2013 (JST): Half the amount paid will be refunded.
Non refundable after November 1, 2013 (JST).
Reimbursement will be sent through the credit card companies.

Notice to Authors: No-show Policy

SEGJ Organization Committee has decided to establish a cancelation policy to all the presentations at the SEGJ 11th International Symposium as follows:

Your paper has been accepted to the proceedings volume, and you are obligated to show up at the assigned time that is given to your presentation in the flow that your session conveners have optimized. Any presenters who do not show up at their presentation will disrupt the flow of the session and disserve the audience and the other speakers in the session, and waste the efforts of the Technical Program Committee to coordinate the sessions and the order of presentations in the limited time frames. SEGJ has determined to set a policy to the cancelation of the presentation at the International Symposium as follows:

* You are requested to inform the cancelation two weeks before the commencement of the International Symposium to the Technical Program Committee so that the canceled papers will not be published.
* Any speaker who do not show up at the allocated time will be listed up in no-show list that the chairperson of SEGJ holds for three years after the relevant International Symposium.
* Papers published by the authors who do not show up will be removed in the the future electronic publication of the Proceedings volume of relevant International Symposium and are not treated as published work.
* Any papers written by the first author in the no-show list would be automatically rejected in the future SEGJ International Symposium.

If you are unable to show up at your designated time, please inform the chair of the SEGJ Technical Program Committee as soon as you become aware of the proble, in order to not be placed on the 2013 version of the no-show list.